Although we are new to the industry, Event SPAC leverages the tried and tested method of meeting and going beyond what is expected from us every time to gain a competitive edge. We deliver an event planning service to our customers that delights them and far exceeds their expectations.

Our team is a big reason for our success. We have complete confidence in our team to leave a good impression on customers. Additionally, our experts expedite training to the new hires. The knowledge and years of industry experience held by our experts prove invaluable to these new employees.

Event SPAC uses the experience and credentials of the owner, management and team to differentiate itself from the competition and ultimately win over new customers, continuously increasing the company’s sales, revenue, and profits over time.

Get to know our team of experts better by reading through their profiles below.

Marc Deschenaux

Marc Deschenaux

Co-Founder & Partner

Marc Deschenaux is a world expert in Corporate Finance from private offerings to Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s). He raised private and public, equity and debt, for companies internationally. He also financed various types of operations, from import/export transactions to Real Estate Investment Trusts and organized governments loans.


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